Seller Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions


This agreement is made between ‘Artisan Collective Group’, trading as 'Artisan Collective Australia' and the Australian-made vendor.



1.1  These terms and conditions encompass the entire agreement between you and Artisan Collective Australia (“ACA”) for the hire of a virtual shop front within the Artisan Collective Australia website (, Artisan Collective Australia VIP (Facebook Group), or other location/s as determined by ACA and at times/dates determined by ACA.

1.2  ACA may independently change these terms and conditions at any time with no notice and will email you to notify you of the changes. The sending of the email advice is sufficient notice of any new or amended terms and conditions and notification of the changes to the registered email address will amend the contract accordingly.

1.3  Please read these terms and conditions carefully and in full. Your registration with us is your acknowledgement that you have read and understood these terms and conditions in its entirety and that you are bound by it including any changes to the terms and conditions as notified in accordance with clause 1.2 above.

1.4  You must have a current ABN to sell with Artisan Collective Australia.

1.5  You must hold up-to-date insurance and compliance certificates appropriate to your chosen industry.



2.1  The following are your obligations and responsibilities when registering to sell with ACA: 



2:1 By accepting these terms and conditions, you are agree to enter a binding contract with Artisan Collective Australia

2:1a By accepting these terms and conditions, you agree to the minimum term of your chosen membership plan. If you decide to cancel your membership, you must email in the last seven days of your membership. Failure to do so will result in your membership being automatically renewed for another term.

2.1b Once registered with the Artisan Collective Australia website, you will:

2.1c  Upload a minimum of ten products to your shop front within fourteen days of being approved as a seller. You must maintain a minimum of 10 products in your shop front, there will be a 7 day grace period to replenish products if products fall below the minimum number.

2.1d  By uploading your products to the website, you give ACA the rights to use any or all of the images provided by you for ACA’s unrestricted use. ACA has no obligation to use any or all of your images.

2.1e You are not permitted to share a shop front with other sellers or sell another person/entity’s items. There is to be only one shop front per brand.

2.1f Collaborations between sellers are encouraged, however must be approved by ACA beforehand.

2:1g The RRP of your products must not under-cut the prices you list on ACA through your own website or any other selling platform.

2:1h Links to your own website are not allowed, this includes graphics containing another URL.

2.1i Sellers must not encourage customers to leave the ACA site to visit their own website, or any other website.

2.1j Blog posts featuring sellers remain the property of ACA. You may share the link of the blog post on your socials and on your website. You may not copy/paste the contents of the blog post to re-post as your own.

2.1k Artisan Collective Australia syncs all products to our Facebook Page Shop. ACA is not responsible for delays in your products being approved by Facebook nor are we responsible if Facebook rejects your products. In the unlikely event that Facebook rejects your products due to the product not complying with their advertising or commerce policies, ACA will dispute this once on your behalf.

2.1l Comply with all appropriate laws of the Australian government including but not limited to (where relevant):

(i) Supply/service of alcohol requirements;

(ii) Food safety requirements;

(iii) Practice appropriate Occupational Health & Safety requirements and obligations.

(iv) You must hold up-to-date insurance and compliance certificates appropriate to your chosen industry



2.2a  You validate that all items sold by you across the ACA platforms are designed and made in Australia by you or a member of your team.  You are not permitted to sell any item designed and manufactured outside of Australia.

2.2b By uploading a product to the ACA website, you validate that the item is not mass produced in a factory in Australia.

2.2c We may ask you to disclose to us and explain your design and manufacturing process.

2.2d  Your finished product may include components from outside of Australia. You warrant that you have designed and/or manufactured the finished product in Australia.  

2.2e  You must, in your application, provide information as to products/services to be sold/provided in your listing.  You warrant that you will only sell products/services listed and as approved in writing by ACA

2.2f You agree to upload a minimum of ten products to the ACA platforms within fourteen days of having your application approved.

2.2g  While Artisan Collective Australia will promote your shop front and on occasion promote individual items as content on social media, you are responsible for actively promoting your products in the VIP group and on your own socials.

2.2h Products will be reviewed within 48 hours. ACA will either approve or deny the product after reviewing. If the product is denied, feedback will be given for you to make changes.


Artisan Collective Australia - Online Market (Facebook Group)

2.3 Whilst listing your products on the Artisan Collective Australia website and in the Artisan Collective Australia VIP group, you will:

2.3a Upload products in accordance with the terms highlighted in clause 2. Subject to admin approval. 

2.3b  Strictly no personal website links allowed, any product links must link back to the product on ACA.

2.3c You, or suitably trained staff must maintain your listing.  It is mandatory that your listing is checked and managed regularly. It is the sellers responsibility to monitor and ‘bump’ posts as required.

2.3d Follow all reasonable directions from the ACA team.

2.3e Comply with all appropriate laws of the Australian government including as specified in clause 2.1k


Food & Drink Listings

2.4 You are responsible for the following:

2.4a Compliance with and trade pursuant to any applicable law or regulation in respect of the sale and supply of food and/or beverages.  It is solely your responsibility to understand and comply with any such laws or regulations. This is the responsibility of the seller and ACA takes no responsibility as to such registrations or requirements

2.4b You must comply with all health and hygiene guidelines outlined by Australian Government Department of Health other applicable authority.


Behaviour Across Platforms 

2.5 Our platforms should remain professional and the following actions will not be tolerated:

2.5a Conducting yourself in an aggressive manner.  Any aggressive conduct towards another seller, ACA team member or customer will result in you being required to leave the ACA platforms, with no refund.

2.5c Copying the ideas and work of other sellers.

2.5d Commit any offence or breach any applicable law or regulation.


Marketing and Promotion

2.6  Community is our number one core value. It is important that we share the ACA platforms with as many networks as possible. By being a part of ACA, the following marketing and promotion terms apply:

2.6a  You may use ACA images across your social media. You must credit ACA when doing so.   

2.6b  ACA has no obligation to promote you further than what is specified in your membership plan. By accepting an online shop front with ACA , you accept that ACA may use any photo or image of you, your designs, products or services in any promotional material, website/social media for its own use.

2.6c  You accept that by participating with ACA you are required to assist the promotion of ACA by adding a tag or link to ACA selling group/website and social media platforms. Your minimum obligations are:

(i) If you have a social media platform or a website, you are required to post/create one social media post to post on your feed within 14 days of you beginning your trade with ACA. This will benefit the community as a whole by introducing our brands to different audiences.

(ii) You agree to promote ACA within your social media feed by way of a post or story regularly. 

(iii) When you post about us, you must tag ACA.

2.6d ACA reserves the right to request that our promotional material be displayed on your listing or with your product/services.

2.6e By joining ACA you agree to participate in our 10% off promotions. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Abandoned Cart emails
  • Browse Abandonment emails
  • Afterpay's Shop Small sale events for brand awareness



3.1 Payments are deducted automatically on the 1st of each month. If a seller joins later than the 1st of the month, the seller will only pay for the days leading up to the 1st of the following month.

3.2 Once payment is received there are no refunds, transfers, extensions or rollover of credit.

3.3 Memberships can not be "downgraded" or cancelled earlier than the minimum term of the membership plan.

3.4 Plans will be renewed automatically on the 1st of the month.

3.5 If your plan incurs a joining fee, this will be used to complete your initial set up and is not linked to your term with ACA. Joining fees are only payable once and are non refundable.

3.6 Sellers agree to the minimum terms stated in their membership upon joining the website.

3.7 ACA reserves the right to change the membership fee at any time with no notice and will email you to notify you of the changes. The sending of the email advice is sufficient notice of any new or amended terms and conditions. Any updates to the fees will not impact the current memberships within that period and will take effect from your next term.

3.9 Using the holiday mode does not exempt you from your membership fees. The holiday mode is purely to inform your customers when the item will be shipped.



4.1 Sellers do not require to email us if they are renewing their memberships for another term. Each membership automatically rolls over into another term unless deactivated in accordance with clause 3.6 above.

4.2 If the seller decides to deactivate their membership with ACA, they must email in the final month of their membership. The cut off for deactivating a membership is on the 27th of each month at 5pm. Failure to email on time will result in your membership being renewed for another term. There will be no refunds for this and the seller is bound to another full term. 

4.3 The seller is responsible for fulfilling all orders before the end of their membership. ACA are unable to close a seller's account if orders are unfulfilled. This would result in the seller staying for another month to fulfil the unfulfilled orders.



5.1 Listings will only be approved and go live once the membership plan is chosen and paid for.

5.2 If your application isn’t approved by ACA, your details and application will remain on our waitlist for a period of 6 months.  In the event that you are not allocated a shop front within 6 months your details will be removed from our register and you will need to lodge a new registration and application.

5.3  ACA has the sole discretion as to whether you are allocated a shop front across the ACA platforms.

5.4 ACA has the right to reject any seller or withdraw any offer made to a seller who ACA believes does not comply with these terms and conditions.

5.5 Shop fronts cannot be transferred, sublet, franchised or sold to any other person.



6.1 When a buyer purchases your product from the Website, the contract for sale is formed between you and the buyer. The agreement is formed between you and the buyer and you have rights directly and only against the buyer, and not us. ACA is not a party to that agreement.

6.2 All prices are in Australian dollars. All purchase prices include Australian GST (where applicable). Payment for orders will be accepted online via Shopifay Payments, Paypal, Afterpay, Klarna. 

6.3 ACA determines which payment gateways are used on the website and may add/remove payment gateways if ACA feels it benefits the collective as a whole. Sellers cannot opt out of certain payment methods.

6.4 The buyer agrees to pay the purchase price specified on the website at the time of their purchase.

6.5  Receiving payments:

6.5a  Sellers must provide their BSB and Account details in order to be paid

6.4b  Once the buyer makes a purchase, the commission (if there is any) and processing fees, will be automatically deducted from the sale price, the remaining funds will be processed and deposited directly into the seller's bank account at the end of the month in one transaction.

6.4c Processing fees are deducted from the seller’s sales. ACA will deduct a flat rate processing fee of 3.5% on all transactions (this includes Paypal which is usually 2.9%, Afterpay and Klarna which are usually 6%). 

6.4d Payouts will be carried out on the last working day of the month. Any sales that come through between the payout and the end of the month will roll over to the following month's payout. 

6.4e Payouts will not be processed for unfulfilled orders. Any orders that are unfulfilled when ACA process the payments will roll over onto next month's payout.

6.5   Postage is to be included in the sale price.



6.1 You, the seller, must ship the order within seven days of receiving the order, unless your turnaround time is stated otherwise in the description of your product.

6.2 You, the seller, must log into your seller dashboard to mark the item as fulfilled as soon as possible, once the order has been shipped.

6.3 Adding tracking details to the order is mandatory if the courier has provided tracking details

6.4 ACA will forward order enquiry emails from customers directly to you. These emails must be responded to within 24 hours.



7.1  You, the Seller, may cancel an order that has already been accepted if you suspect that the buyer is acting fraudulently (such as using a credit card without proper authorisation).

7.2  It is accepted that while you, the Seller, will endeavour to avoid pricing and other errors, sometimes errors do occur from time to time and you may also cancel an order in such circumstances.

7.3  Unexpected supply issues or unexpected demand may sometimes result in a product being unavailable. If there is a delay in shipping the buyer’s order, you will contact the buyer by email as soon as possible to advise the reason for the delay.

7.4 The buyer may also cancel an order if you are in breach of these terms.



8.1  Your listings must be clear with turn around times for each product, and if they are ready to send or made to order.

8.2 You, the Seller will ship the Product to the place of delivery the buyer specifies when making their order.

8.3 ACA strongly recommend sending orders with tracking, the seller must keep all tracking information in case the buyer requests it. If the seller does not have the tracking information and cannot provide it, the product will be assumed lost after sufficient time has passed and the seller will need to send another or provide the customer with a full refund.

8.4 Artisan Collective Australia does not take any responsibility for any lost or damaged orders. All arrangements/agreements are to be made between Seller and Customer and/or delivery service and is not to involve Artisan Collective Australia in such matters.



9.1  Refunds are based on the individual policies and processes of the individual seller. The buyer will likely contact ACA should they wish to discuss a refund, ACA will forward the email to the seller. All refunds and repairs are granted on the basis of Australian Consumer Law. Refunds are not granted due to change of mind.

9.2 Sellers must have a clear refund policy that is published in their shop front under “policies”.