Set-Up Guide

If you're a new seller with us, we are delighted to have you here. If you're an existing seller, feel free to read through in case you find some good optimising tips that we've added since you joined.

To make the set up easier for everyone, please follow this guide in full to ensure your shop is 100% ready to sell & accept payments. 

This page includes all of the information you need, we have added in all of the frequently asked questions and tried to be as informative as possible.

If at any stage you are unsure of something and would like to reach out, please email us. 

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Lets Begin


Check & Complete Your Profile

Dashboard > Profile > My Account

Don't forget to enter your returns policy and ensure it complies with ACCC

When adding photos, you must follow the dimensions given, failure to do so will result in the shop launch being delayed.

Join The Socials

This group is full of customers and it's everyone's responsibility to keep the group active. Share videos, photos, new releases  and most importantly, comment on each other's posts.

Like our Facebook Page and follow us on Instagram

Upload Your First Product

Products > Product Listings > Add Product (top right)

  • Please read the instructions provided on the page when uploading to ensure your products are not denied.


Shipping Requirements

Shipping must be included in the product price. 
Please use the Shipping Calculator to help you determine how much you should add to your product.
Dashboard > resources > free shipping calculator

Products must be shipped within 7 business days unless your items are made to order. 

Upload To The Drive

Want to be featured on our home page and promoted through our socials? We need your content!

Please create a folder for yourself in our Google Drive.

Dashboard > resources > google drive

Link Your Domain (optional)

Some ACA sellers have closed their ecommerce stores and are now pointing all customers to checkout via ACA.
Others have purchased their own domain names and are redirecting it to their ACA shop. If this is something you would like to do, please let us know, we can assist.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I enter shipping info?

Shipping must be included in the product price. If everyone had a shipping charge of $10 and the customer purchased five items from five different brands, the shipping charge in the cart would appear as $50. We strongly believe this would result in customers abandoning their carts. 
Please use the free shipping calculator located under the resources tab, in most cases, you won't need to add the entire shipping amonunt to every product. 

Why do product images need to be square?

When product images are uploaded in different shapes such as square and rectangle, the alignment of the website will be thrown off. The customer browsing experience would be extremely poor. 

If you have rectangle images that you would really like to include in the listing, these can be placed as the third or fourth image. The first two images must remain square.

What's the Photobox and how do I join?

The photobox is a collaboration ACA has with a product photographer in Melbourne called Brooke. Brooke has an exceptional eye for product photography and has given ACA sellers a special price to have their products photographed. 

Each month, sellers who would like to have some photos taken, send their items to Brooke with a returns label. Brooke will invoice each seller, take the images and send the items back. 

There is usually a waiting list for the photobox, some sellers have committed to one product per month until they have had their whole range photographed. If you would like to take part, please email us. 

Photobox pricing: 
1 Product: $50 + Shipping

What you get:
1 x Styled or Modelled Image
2 x E-commerce images (plain close-ups, showing off the details of the product)

Can I host my own sale?

Yes, of course! 

ACA generally advises against running sales outside of our main sale events. Each year, we take part in the major sale events such as EOFY, BFCM, Boxing Day etc.

With this being said, if you really want to discount a product, please go ahead :) and don't forget to promote it in the VIP group!