Amber Moss & Teak Scented Soy Candle - 9 oz

$35.00 AUD

Bring a sense of simpler times and calm into your home with our luxury scented soy candles housed in our signature amber vessel. Add a real sense of coziness as you unwind by candle light with our divine luxury fragrances.


This handmade scented soy candle has been made using the finest soy wax, fragrance oils and cotton wicks to bring you a candle with an even burn. This candle has a burn time of around 50 hours.

Our candles are inspired by the beautiful word we live in and are hand poured in small batches here in Sydney. 


They help to create a relaxing and rejuvenating atmosphere with fresh fragrance and luxury in your home.

Amber Moss and Teak


With the fresh aromas of pine needles, cinnamon, Bergamot and nutmeg, This candle brings a warm, earthy feel to any home. The fragrance oil is complemented by hints of oriental amber, patchouli & cedarwood with light touches of vanilla.