Aussie Leather Belt

$79.99 AUD

Looking for a thick durable leather belt? Sick of those crappy $10 belts with the so-called “leather” that flakes off after a couple of months? Or weeks?

Then this is the belt for you. Hand cut from the sturdiest 3.5mm Australian cowhide (tanned in Victoria), it not only looks good but it will last for years. 

- 3.5mm thick Australian tanned full-grain leather 
- Solid Brass Hardware
- Chicago screw rivets allow you to easily change the buckle at will


If you don’t currently have a belt to measure off, you can use your waist size. The reason we don't go off pants size is that the actual pant size can often differ from brand to brand.

We offer free exchanges if your belt doesn't fit and is unmarked, just send it back to us and we will send you a bigger or smaller belt.


If your belt ever breaks just let us know and we will fix it or replace it. So far my first handmade belt is 5 years old and is still going strong. Made in Sydney, Australia.
Leather is a natural product and unlike a lot of other leather manufacturers who throw away any piece of leather that isn't 'perfect,' we believe in using every piece of leather to try and throw out as little as possible. In fact, we think that one of the best things about leather is that it isn't perfect and that it has scars, tanning and dye marks which makes every piece we make truly unique and one of a kind. If you would prefer that your order doesn't have any makes please let us know and we will send you a photo of your order before we post it to make sure you are happy with it. 

I’m Aaron and I’m the maker behind The Local Craftsman. Everything you see on my site has been handmade by either me or my wife. I got into leatherwork just after high school and have been practicing and honing my craft since then. We always looking to better our products so if you have any feedback we would love to hear it. We make everything from our home on the Coal Coast of Australia (just south of Sydney). Thanks for reading this and we hope one of our creations catches your eye :)

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