Our Story


Founded in early 2020, Sydney Artisan Collective is a platform that connects people with Sydney's best small handmade businesses. At a time where global unrest was at its peak, many small business owners found themselves without an avenue to sell their products. Australian legislation made it impossible to sell their handmade wares at local markets and they had not yet launched an ecommerce solution. The idea of developing an online shop was daunting and somewhat unachievable. In the worst cases, thousands of small businesses owners found themselves without income. However, as the world was shutting down, Sydney Artisan Collective was just getting started.



Inspired by artisan markets from all over the world, Sydney Artisan Collective was established by Sophie Parry as an online market to meet the demand of small businesses owners. The need to connect and sell their handmade goods under one (virtual) roof was clear. After experiencing the lack of community and financial support available for Sydney artisans first-hand, Sophie started the Facebook group for makers to join. In eight short weeks, a private Facebook group grew from a blank canvas to over 2600 members. Page likes grew by the hundreds each week. As momentum escalated, it was clear there was a void in Sydney where business owners could virtually meet and use the inspiration of others to improve their business offering. The group started to evolve into something much more, and Sophie began formulating a plan to take things further. 

An online weekly market was the turning point for many businesses. After months of ambiguity and ever-changing rules and regulations, Sydney Artisan Collective was the solution that many Sydney Artisans had been searching for. Having lost the ability to sell products face to face, Sydney Artisan Collective provided the opportunity to sell online. This opportunity was twofold. Not only did business owners have a platform to sell their products, they had access to a community of like minded individuals to learn and laugh with.



From humble beginnings as just an idea, Sydney Artisan Collective is now a wonderful community. Lifelong friendships have been formed and businesses have flourished. An almost 3000-strong Facebook group has been the lifeblood for many makers since COVID-19 took hold, and it’s only just the beginning! The Facebook market group runs on a weekly basis giving stallholders the chance to sell their products virtually. This allows them to sell to potential customers who may not live in Sydney or are too far to visit. With the assistance of technology, makers have been able to market their brand in a way that was not previously viable.

The sense of community is clear. A laid-back and welcoming vibe has been the major drawcard for many maker at Sydney Artisan Collective. A group chat even exists where makers trade, laugh, joke and talk about ideas and visions! Sydney Artisan Collective is a platform dedicated to making people feel like they belong and that there are makers with a similar purpose – to sell quality handmade goods, crafted from someone’s passion. From a business (and slightly more lacklustre!) perspective, it’s also an avenue where makers can ask others the nitty-gritty questions. From accounts to logistics, no question ever goes unanswered.



The launch of the Sydney Artisan Collective website has been the icing on the cake. While the number of vendors selling online via the website is rapidly increasing, the selection process remains rigorous. The sole purpose of the website is to showcase products made by Sydney artisans who are intimately involved with the design and manufacturing process. In fact, this is one of the key things that sets us apart from other multi-vendor platforms. Keeping local alive is, and will continue to be, the driving force behind Sydney Artisan Collective.

Sydney Artisan Collective’s other point of difference is the level of service provided to its vendors. Sophie understands that each maker puts their all into the design and manufacturing of their work, which may leave little time for marketing and advertising. The website is an easy and cost-efficient way to market each business, without the added expense.  A visual masterpiece, the Sydney Artisan Collective highlights each maker and gives their work the chance to shine. From quirky features to fine details, each and every product has been selected for its individuality. They’re products that will inspire conversation for years to come and that you’ll be proud to have in your home. By purchasing from one of our makers, you’re helping a small business chase a dream!   



Sophie Parry is the Founder of Sydney Artisan Collective. As a maker herself (you can see her work at Scribble & Sew), Sophie has experienced the highs and lows that come with a small business. Her understanding of how small businesses operate is second to none, which has played a defining role in Sydney Artisan Collective’s launch. Sophie has extensive knowledge in marketing niche businesses and proves genuine hands on support for the people behind them. Sophie regularly hosts ‘Meet the Maker’ live videos, coordinates the digital marketing for each vendor and is continuously looking for ways to help Sydney artisans thrive. 

Most importantly, Sophie is passionate about marketplaces and has traded at various Sydney markets over the past four years. She has taken a leap of faith in launching Sydney Artisan Collective but the blood, sweat and tears have been worthwhile. The response has been overwhelmingly positive… And this is just the beginning!