Amethyst Rough – Copper Necklace

$58.00 AUD

Stunning electroformed copper pendant holding a beautiful Amethyst crystal rough point, handmade by Amanda in her little home studio in Sydney.

The pendant is 32mm high by 13mm wide and comes with a 45cm rose gold plated chain which matches the tone of the copper beautifully. The pendant comes packaged in a lovely canvas drawstring pouch.

About Electroforming: Electroforming is a process in which metal (in this case copper) is built up over an object using a low voltage electrical current. This process can take many hours to complete. The majority of Amanda's pendants are formed over a period of 3 or more hours (sometimes much longer) to ensure there is a nice thick covering of copper. Due to the nature of this process the copper often grows little bumps and pits on the surface as its forming, making each piece completely unique.