Belicious Portuguese Spice

$17.50 AUD

A Spice to enhance the flavour of your dishes, if you are wishing to add a touch of Portuguese / Spanish flavour to your food.

** Make a great stew, by adding wine and olive oil to the spices
** Use to make Make Patatas Bravas
** Marinades for any meat before oven baking or barbecuing
** Use for fish stews like marinara mix, calamari, or pipis and mussels

Chef Bel grew up in the North of Portugal, and these are the spices used by her granny when making food. She is bringing her childhood into your homes, as Good food takes only pure spices and herbs, and it should not be complicated.

Her spices are created using only the best and finest ingredients, and organic spices are used. They are meant to add flavour to your food, so that you can cook easily and healthy with a clear conscious that you are not feeding your body unnatural substances.

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