DIY Kit: Buff Clay Leggy Planter at Home

$49.00 AUD
Speckled Buff Clay
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With an ever changing environment and some extra time on our hands, I’ve added an at home option for you. You can now make your own leggy planter in the comfort of your own home.


There’s no home kitchen oven hot enough to cook these babies, so please keep your pieces aside rather than popping them into your toasty oven. Once you’ve purchased I can direct you to your nearest studio for firing.

Don’t fret, your masterpieces can be left aside for ages (well beyond our current restrictions) before taking them to be fired.

What will be provided

  • 900g of Buff clay

  • Online guide to make your own leggy planter

  • Chamois cloth to smooth out all the lumpy edges

  • Wire to trim your clay
  • Skewer