Calm Belly Tea Bundle (Organic)

$72.00 AUD
A tea bundle set that includes three teas designed to soothe, settle, and cleanse a cranky / bloated belly. Each tea comes in its own bespoke canister. 

What's included:

Three health & wellness teas each in its own bespoke canister

A complimentary gold teaspoon

A beautifully packaged box

Teas included:

Lemon Myrtle Ginger (Drink in the morning) 

Inspired by the classic lemongrass and ginger with a touch of Native Australian Lemon Myrtle. A zesty and natural flavour.
We recommend starting your day with this tea as it's gentle on the stomach and an excellent tea to kick start the metabolism. 

Digest Tea (Drink in the afternoon) 

A unique blend of fermented Chinese black tea, coconut, lavender, cinnamon and vanilla. The flavour is creamy yet floral with a delicate earthy tone. Fermented black tea (also known as Puerh in China) has been traditionally used in Chinese Medicine to aid digestion.

Detox Tea  (Drink in the evening after dinner) 

A natural, organic, and herbal detoxifying tea designed to help the stomach digest after a heavy meal. The herbs selected focus on supporting cell regeneration and promoting blood circulation improving stomach concerns such as bloating and cramping. 
As this tea is packed with cleansing and detoxifying herbs we recommend having it after a meal. 

Tea routine recommendation:
AM: Lemon Myrtle Ginger: 2 tsp to 200mL cup (using gold spoon provided), 100° C water temperature, 4 minute infusion

DAY: Digest Tea: 3 tsp to 200mL cup (using gold spoon provided), 100° C water temperature, 3 minutes infusion
PM: Detox Tea: 2 tsp to 200mL cup (using gold spoon provided), 100° C water temperature, 3 minute infusion

Teas are handmade in Melbourne 

Shipping fee is included in the price 

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