Capricorn Zodiac Soy Crystal Candle

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For those born between December 22 to January 19.

In the realm of hardworking, intelligent, and fiercely loyal individuals, we find the essence of Capricorn. These souls possess an innate sense of mastery over their destiny, confidently steering the course of their lives. With unwavering determination, they set their sights on their goals, resolute in their belief that they shall attain that which they set their minds upon.

Lighting this candle, you invite the determined energy of Capricorn into your space, a reminder that when one's heart and mind are aligned, there is no goal too distant to achieve.

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Key notes:

A warm and woody scent that combines the unique spiciness of oudh wood with leather, spicy citrus, and bergamot. This mysterious and intoxicating fragrance is richly masculine.


  • 165g soy candle
  • Black onyx crystal
  • Recycled round tinted glass vessel
  • 74mm (Diameter) x 87mm (High)
  • Recycled tinted glass vessel
  • 35 hours burn time (12 Minutes/gram)


100% pure soy wax, premium fragrance oil, chamomile flowers, plant-based biodegradable glitter, non-GMO, no unnatural additives, Kosher certified.

Black Onyx crystal: Protection, strength and focus. Black Onyx pushes you forward in life while being fully grounded.*

*Crystals are believed to hold various metaphysical properties and meanings, but their effects are subjective and not scientifically proven. Any information provided here is for entertainment and personal exploration purposes only.

Handmade in Melbourne. 

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