Casserole Spice Kit

$7.25 AUD

Not Without Spice Casserole Spice Kit makes a casserole like my nana always cooked when I stayed over. This is soul warming casserole. My nana would usually use beef which is what I suggest for the recipe but you could always use other meats or even make it vegetarian. 

How to use: Throw it into the slow cooker for a mid week easy dinner, so good you can add all the bits and pieces of veggies left in your fridge before shopping day. Serve with crusty toasted buttery bread. Full recipe on the back of the packet with what you’ll need to add to your shopping list.

Ingredients: sweet paprika, basil, thyme , garlic, coriander, cumin, curry powder.

Storage & Shelf Life:  You can storage packet in the pantry cupboard. This packet has 12 month shelf life, check label for more details.

Disclaimer: This product is made in small batches by hand for freshness. There may be colour variations each batch. Packaging may vary from pictured, especially around Christmas..