Clear Skin Tea Bundle (Organic)

$82.00 AUD
A tea bundle set that includes three antioxidant packed teas designed for skin health and clear texture. Each tea comes in its own bespoke canister.

What's included:

  • Three skin-specific teas each in its own bespoke canister
  • A complimentary gold teaspoon
  • A beautiful box with dried flowers

Teas included:

White Tea Antioxidant (Drink in the morning) 

A blend of the purest white tea hand plucked in the first couple weeks of Spring producing a high dose of antioxidants. The silvery white buds are blended with subtle floral botanicals to produce a delicate tea.

We recommend starting your day with this tea as it's gentle on the stomach and an excellent tea for alertness in the morning (contains caffeine).

Berry Antioxidant (Drink for morning / afternoon tea) 

A playful and fruity blend of freeze-dried New Zealand raspberries, juniper berries, elderberries, hibiscus, and calendula petals packed with natural antioxidants. This tea has a fruity-sweet-sour flavour and a stunning bright red infusion. 

Clear Complexion  (Drink in the evening after dinner) 

A natural, organic, and herbal detoxifying tea designed to help the body gently cleanse. The herbs selected focus on supporting cell regeneration and promoting blood circulation improving skin quality and texture (Burdock Root). 

As this tea is packed with cleansing and detoxifying herbs we recommend having it after a meal rather than on an empty stomach. 

Tea routine recommendation:

AM: White Tea Antioxidant: 2 tsp to 200mL cup (using our gold spoon), 90° C water temperature, 4 minute infusion

DAY: Berry Antioxidant Tea: 2 tsp to 200mL cup (using our gold spoon), 100° C water temperature, 3+ minutes infusion

PM: Clear Complexion Tea: 2 tsp to 200mL cup (using our gold spoon), 100° C water temperature, 3 minute infusion

Teas are handmade in Melbourne 

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