CUSTOM Boho Festival Clip-in Hair Wrap SET OF 3

$120.00 AUD
Hair Wrap 1 (colour)
Hair Wrap 2 (colour)
Hair Wrap 3 (colour)

Easily install these wraps with a high-quality, no-slip extension clip - perfect for any hair type.


Choose from the following colour categories. You may select one colour category for each wrap.

'WARM TONED' yellow/ mustard, orange, pink, rust, red, brown, gold

'EARTHY' green/ khaki, brown, beige, yellow/ mustard, orange

'COOL TONED' blue, green, lilac, purple, black, silver

'SARI' sari silk (multi) and maker's choice of additional colours

The colours specified above are an idea of what COULD be included in your wrap - they are the base from which inspires each hair wrap. Based on the choices you make your set of 3 will be made to suit each other and be worn together. For example, if you choose two cool and a warm - I will include shades of green in the warm wrap to match the cool wraps.

Every hair wrap is uniquely different and made especially for you, therefore your wrap(s) may not look identical to the photos shown. If you have a specific request for colours please include this in the text box below.


All hair wrap sets include TWO charms. Please include which charms you would like in the text box below. If you do not specify a charm I will not add one. If you do specify your chosen charms, they will be added to the wrap I feel it is most suited for.

Choose from the following charms:

Small wooden bead (x2)

Gold clip

Silver clip

Turquoise beads (small, x4)

Bronze feather

Bronze antique coin

Bronze lotus

Silver sun

Silver fairy sitting on a crescent moon

Silver elephant


All hair wraps will be made 30-40cm unless specified in the text box below. The maximum length I can do for the set of 3 is 50cm. Please send me a message on Instagram if you require a longer length.

Includes x3 hair wraps.