'DESERT PEA' Eco-Dyed Scarf

$35.20 AUD $44.00 AUD

Cuddle up to this gorgeous, lightweight silk scarf, eco-dyed with 'silver dollar' eucalyptus leaves and printed by hand with an original 'desert pea' design. This colour is a neutral pinkish brown - a beautiful winter or autumn shade. Hemmed at the sides and a raw finish on the ends. Each 'desert pea' motif has been printed by hand using eco-friendly textile ink.

Material: 70% silk, 30% cotton - soft and breathable, light yet warm.

Size: 83-inch x 18-inch

Care and details: This scarf has been dyed by hand. There may be slight changes in colour and excess marks from the hand printing process. The hem is about 90% straight due to the nature of machine sewing by hand, these factors have been considered in the price. However, this a beautiful reminder of the mark of the hand and any 'imperfections' are rather the unique characteristics that signify its value. Due to the nature of natural dyes, the colour may slightly fade over time. However, if kept dry and out of direct sunlight, this should maintain the colour.

Includes x1 scarf.