Ginger Spiced Honey

$17.50 AUD

Not Without Spice Ginger Honey is made from raw honey produced from our hives in the Blue Mountains. Gingerbread in a jar is what I've heard people say about our Ginger Honey. With ginger powder and naked ginger pieces this is not for the faint hearted. 

How to Use: The warming ginger in the honey is delicious on toast with butter, use with honey carrots, in smoothies, and you'll be searching for the ginger pieces.

Ingredients: honey, ginger powder, naked ginger piece.

Storage &  Shelf live: Honey is best kept in the pantry. Honey usually has got a use by, however, there is a 2 year best before of the honeys. Check the label for more details.

Disclaimer: This product is made in small batches by hand for freshness. There may be colour variations each batch. Packaging may vary from pictured, especially around Christmas.