Mix & Match Soy Candle + Diffuser

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Yes! We're Australian owned, designed and hand-poured with love in Mosman, Sydney. 
Our cotton wicks are lead-free and we use 100% soy wax because it gives us a natural, creamy base for our candles and melts - no nasties. 
Our gorgeous candles and diffusers bring tropical vibes and a little slice of summer to your home at any time of year. Life is in full colour... 
1x 285g Soy Wax Candle, 810g Packaged Weight 
108mm x 85mm including timber lid 

1x 200ml Fragrance Diffuser, 650g Packaged Weight 
300mm x 75mm including fiber reeds 

Highly scented for a great scent throw, all Australian Made fragrances. 

Coconut Pineapple - Lying by the pool, a virgin Pina Colada is delivered on a hot summer's day; a tropical fragrance blend of fresh pineapple slices, creamy coconut and warm vanilla. 
Passionfruit Lime - Fresh off the vine and scooped out with a spoon, the juicy pulp of sweet passionfruit is enhanced with a zesty lime scent for a familiar fruity fragrance. 

Japanese Honeysuckle - Strolling through a zen Japanese garden, the sweet floral vine is warm, energetic and elegant with splashes of nectar, neroli and grape.  

Vanilla Caramel - An afternoon treat of a warm, sticky butter caramel drizzled over smooth vanilla ice cream with hints of tonka bean and coconut. 

Crisp Linen - Sun-drenched sheets on the clothesline inspire this fresh floral fragrance reminiscent of clean washed linen. 

Bergamot Tobacco Childhood memories of waiting in a crowded barber shop inspire this scent through zesty bergamot and the smoky, sweet smell of tobacco leaf. 

Sea Salt Driftwood - White driftwood encrusted with the salt of the ocean lays on the warm sand. Masculine notes of dry woods, sea salt, eucalyptus and cyclamen. 

Sandalwood Leather - Vintage saddle leather, warm sandalwood and cedarwood inspire this rich, earthy fragrance with top notes of geranium and fir needle. 

Lemongrass Tahitian Lime - Refreshing and herbal, the zesty citrus fragrance of Tahitian lime blends with classic lemongrass for a relaxing experience. 

Juicy Watermelon Sweet and juicy slices of watermelon blend with crisp cucumber and tangerine for this fruity and fresh summer treat. 

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