Mother and Baby Paper Doll, Japanese style mother's day gift, gift for mum, baby shower gift

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Handmade washi origami mother and baby in the black 3D frame.
Singing a lullaby with your baby on your back to make them sleep was quite common long ago in Japan.
A mother is wearing a beautiful goldfish Haori Jacket to make sure her baby is warm and cozy.
She is holding a "Kazaguruma" - a pinwheel to entertain her baby. 
Can you hear the lullaby she might be singing to her child?
This unique made-to-order item is the perfect gift for every mum.

Handmade in Melbourne Australia. 

--Customise option and turn around--
1) You can choose the pinwheel colour from 5 different colours.
- Red
- Blue
- Purple
- Yellow 
- Green
The baby's kimono dress will be the same colour you have chosen for the pinwheel. 
Frame size: 22 cm x 22cm
Mount size: 15cm x 15cm 
These paper dolls are individually handmade to order so every piece is unique and authentic.
Please allow 3-5 days for me to create your item before shipping.
Care:  Japanese chiyogami paper is very strong paper and it will last long, but please avoid direct sunlight and water. 

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