Sage Swirl Eco Resin Soy Candle

$58.95 AUD
Handmade from Start to Finish in Bendigo, Victoria :)

Our Eco resin Candles are carefully curated with selected fragrances to match, each candle is slightly different from the other as they are all handmade, therefore little bubbles or slight colour changes may appear, that is what makes each piece unique to its owner :)
We also offer matching Eco resin trays that are designed to match and hold the candle, products are available to purchase separately.
Each piece is sealed in a water-based sealer; therefore, they can be used in a bathroom or kitchen.
The best part about our Eco candle, is that they can be reused, just clean out the left-over wax and you'll have a new use for your jar :):)
We ask that if you purchase any of our eco range, that you allow processing and creating time, this can take up to 2 weeks depending on the quantity and time of year.
Handmade from start to finish.
- Eco Resin 
- Hand poured Candle 
- Carefully curated designs
- Uniquely Handpicked Fragrances 
- Organic Wooden wicks to create ambience 
- Option for Matching Eco Tray 
- Custom Designs welcome
- Reusable Jars 
If you'd like custom designs, please contact us:)
Thank you,
Black Bird Studio & Co

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