"Sands of Time" - Resin Art Painting

$450.00 AUD

This 60cm resin wall art is a beautiful blend of sunset colours. The soft blends are easy on the eyes and create a sense of calm and peace. Throughout the painting, trails of sparkle guide your eyes to all features this artwork has to offer. 

Stunning artwork made in Melbourne using high-quality resin and pigments resulting in a high shine glass-like finish. Created using pigments and pastes designed specifically for use in resin gives this piece of artwork vibrant colours, depth, and a sparkle that catches the viewer's eye. A perfect statement piece for any room.

Resin is unique to other mediums in the way it dries. Which is rich, vibrant and reflective properties. As the light moves through your home during the day it alters the hues of the painting, allowing the richness of colour to enchant you at any hour.