The Silver Lining Crystal Candle

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A change of perspective can make all the difference.

Shed the attachments of the day and let yourself break free. There is progress to be made when lying completely still.

Close your eyes and listen for the gentle crackling as a doorway to something new yet familiar opens. Walk through it without any expectations and let the deeply rich and sumptuous aromas surround you. Centre yourself, listen to the creaking of the bamboo forest and take in the crispness to reveal a fresh perspective. Feel the firm grasp of luck and goodwill fortify your mind as you arise with renewed purpose and protection.

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Key notes:

Energize your senses with fresh and zesty top notes of lemon, bergamot and bamboo, complemented by a delicate floral bouquet in the middle. The subtle warmth of wood and musk in the base brings it all together.


  • 250g soy candle
  • Opalite crystal
  • Recycled round tinted glass vessel
  • 84mm (Diameter) x 99mm (High)
  • Recycled tinted glass vessel
  • 60 hours burn time (14 minutes & 30 seconds/gram)


100% premium soy wax (non-GMO, no unnatural additives, Kosher certified), rosebud, lotus flower, chrysanthemum, biodegradable glitter, premium fragrance oil.

Opalite: can aid in communication, bring inner peace and help form lasting bonds.*

*Crystals are believed to hold various metaphysical properties and meanings, but their effects are subjective and not scientifically proven. Any information provided here is for entertainment and personal exploration purposes only.

Handmade in Melbourne.

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