Unlearn & Relearn Crystal Candle

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Bathed in the luminous glow of a full moon in Aquarius, 'Unlearn & Relearn' was born.

In this pivotal moment of welcoming and embracing the age of Aquarius, this candle becomes a guiding light, illuminating the path to a new era characterized by abundance, love, and profound truths.

Light 'Unlearn & Relearn' to embark on a journey of transformation, as we build our lives anew in the radiant dawn of this cosmic shift.

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Key notes:

Uncover the enchanting aroma of Japanese Honeysuckle and immerse in a world of sweet florals. Capturing the beloved floral essence, this triple-scented candle offers an exquisite experience with each use, crafted from the finest Australian ingredients for the ultimate in luxury.


  • 250g soy candle
  • Aquamarine crystal
  • Recycled round tinted glass vessel
  • 84mm (Diameter) x 99mm (High)
  • Recycled tinted glass vessel
  • 60 hours burn time (14 minutes & 30 seconds/gram)


100% premium soy wax (non-GMO, no unnatural additives, Kosher certified), butterfly pea, biodegradable glitter, premium fragrance oil.

Aquamarine crystal: Aquamarine fosters insight, truth, and wisdom, offering calming relief for the mind and anxieties. Linked to water's cleansing nature, it aids in purging toxins from the body.*

*Crystals are believed to hold various metaphysical properties and meanings, but their effects are subjective and not scientifically proven. Any information provided here is for entertainment and personal exploration purposes only.

Handmade in Melbourne.

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