Vibrate Love & Harmony Travel Crystal Candle

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Slip into a river of rose petals.

Let yourself breathe in the full depth of nature’s intoxicating scent from the rose bud to the tips of the petals that begin to surround you as you slowly immerse yourself. Across from you, sits a proud and steady shape fixed into the landscape.

As you wade through, the petals begin to roll over your shoulders as you simultaneously feel the depth of colour balanced with the lightness of each petal. Rose petals give way to a growing concentration of pink peonies and wild African violets. Your senses rush to your head, the sight of the shape becomes clearer, and the smells intensify as you reach out to touch the amethyst stone.

There is a weight you feel that begins to spread and envelop you entirely and you suddenly feel protected, comforted, and loved.

Breathe it in and let any bad vibes crumble with each breath out. You are more than enough and your existence as an individual on this Earth, in this state, leaves an indelible mark. Now your energy is vibrating on another plane.

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Key notes:

A scent that celebrates timeless femininity with its enchanting blend of peony, wild rose, African violets, and jasmine. Let its delicate petals transport you to a world of pure elegance and romance.


  • 90g soy candle
  • Light weight aluminium round pressed vessel
  • 64mm (Diameter) x 48mm (High)
  • 15 hours burn time


100% premium soy wax (non-GMO, no unnatural additives, Kosher certified), rose buds, violets, food-grade silver leaf, premium fragrance oil.

Amethyst crystal: A spiritually calming stone that enhances sleep, rest, intuition, and clear decision-making.*

*Crystals are believed to hold various metaphysical properties and meanings, but their effects are subjective and not scientifically proven. Any information provided here is for entertainment and personal exploration purposes only. 

Handmade in Melbourne. 

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