Wooden Montessori pretend play toy collection

$625.00 AUD


Your little one/s will be fully immersed in their pretend play time with a complete collection of wooden shop items!

This bundle pack includes the following items:

1x Eftpos PlaySet

1x Money PlaySet

1x Cash Register 

1x Flip Phone

1x Calculator


Cash Register -

Length: 27cm

Width: 30cm

Height: 21cm

Scanner -

Length: 7.5cm

Width: 7cm

Height: 10.5cm

Notes -

Length: 11cm

Width: 6cm

Thickness: 0.3cm

Coins -

Length: 4cm

Width: 4cm

Thickness: 0.3cm

Eftpos Machine -

Length: 17cm

Width: 9cm

Thickness (top end): 5.3cm

Thickness (bottom end): 2.2cm

Debit Cards -

Length: 9cm

Width: 6.2cm

Thickness: 0.3cm

Flip Phone - 


Length: 20cm

Width: 6cm

Thickness (keypad): 1.9cm

Thickness (screen): 1.2cm


Length: 10cm

Width: 6cm

Thickness: 3.1cm

Calculator -

Length: 14cm

Width: 10cm

Thickness: 1.2cm

Handmade in Australia by Just Creations.

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